Site characterization and sampling

Environmental Site Assessments

We have completed more than 1,000 environmental assessments of properties in the northeast.  Environmental site assessments included industrial, commercial, residential and undeveloped properties.  Projects include interaction with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.  Projects include extensive site characterization, soil, groundwater and soil vapor testing, well installation and indoor air analyses.

Clients include a wide variety of lenders, developers and attorneys.  Properties include almost every imaginable size and type from undeveloped parcels, commercial, urban high rise, industrial and mixed use.  We have extensive experience in Connecticut and throughout the northeast and know both ASTM and AAI requirements for performing environmental assessments.

We are also experts with the nuances of the Connecticut Property Transfer Program and have prepared numerous Certification Forms and Environmental Condition Assessment Forms.  We have worked with clients from initial assessment through final LEP Verification.

Asbestos Inspection and Surveys

Turner has Licensed Asbestos Building Inspectors in Connecticut.  We have completed a number of pre-demolition asbestos inspections and Building O&M plans.


We have extensive experience with conventional remediation technologies and have worked on a number of underground storage tank (UST) removal and soil remediation projects.  Projects range from small residential tanks to petroleum retailers with multiple large tanks.

Other remedial strategies have included soil vapor extraction, sparging and groundwater pump and treat systems at both petroleum and chlorinated solvent sites. Work has included pilot testing and remedial design including vehicle fuels, heating oil (No. 2 and No. 6), waste oils and chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE). Familiar with the PCB regulations for investigation and remediation as specified in 40 CFR 761.

Regulatory Compliance

Our capabilities include assisting clients with environmental compliance issues including multimedia environmental permits and reporting requirements.  We have prepared Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and prepared filings with the US EPA for Tier 2 and TRI Reporting.  Assisted clients with waste characterization and disposal requirements, spill reporting, Discharge Monitoring Reports and responses to permit violations and administrative orders.


Our firm has been active in redevelopment of former industrial sites for major retail development in Connecticut.  We have completed assessments and remediation on numerous industrial properties that were abandoned or under-utilized due to environmental issues to allow for redevelopment of “big box” commercial/retail operations.  We have worked for major developers of national home improvement centers and retailers.


Turner Environmental brings over 25 years of experience in wastewater permitting.  We have assisted clients in obtaining and maintaining NPDES, SPDES (Pre-treatment), storm water, remediation and “General” permits.  In addition we are familiar with the Office of long island Sound Programs for Docks (4/40 permits) and COPs.

We have prepared applications and supporting documentation for all types of wastewater discharge permit programs.  Experience includes providing permit support such as preparation of sampling plans, preparation of Discharge Monitoring Reports, responses to NOVs and meetings with regulatory officials.

We have also prepared Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Operations and Maintenance Plans.  In addition we have assisted clients with air emissions permits from fuel burning, painting and electroplating facilities, including Title V permits.

Our clients include manufacturers including metal finishers, casting facilities, plating, plastic injection molding, steam-electric generator and cogeneration facilities to name a few.